Cloud Collapse?!

In the cloud age, companies have an ever-increasing list of reasons to be ready and able to move between data centers, providers, and maybe even countries on a moments notice with minimal disruption.

Provider Shutdown
Provider Attacked; Services Inoperable
Changing Regulations
Arbitrage Opportunity
Corporate Restructuring
Provider Lock-in

This time, let's take a look at Provider Shutdown.

You're probably thinking provider shutdown is so unlikely; and if it were to happen, there would be ample time to prepare. But that's flawed thinking and denial. A common approach companies take when they're in financial uncertainty is to suppress it as much as possible as long as possible, so as to not make their situation worse and possibly create a self-fulfilling collapse. When it simply can't be suppressed anymore, an eventual collapse can become too rapid for the exposed to react.

Although not so rapid and it seems customers were notified responsibly as early as possible, two recent publicized cases of well-branded public cloud shutdowns might help to convince you it's a real possibility: Australia's HP Helion's Public Cloud and Ninefold.

Eyesaac System Technologies understands this, and understands what can be done about it, before it's too late. Please contact us to discuss your services, risks, and how to move to an optimal cloud strategy.