I'm Calling It!!!

Opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of MRD.

Anytime I'm kicking back, relaxing, and looking for something to make my still only almost perfect situation even better with an instant and blinding migraine headache, I reach for some smooth XML data. As in the image for this blog!

But than again, after being appointed regional responsibility in a past life for globally synchronized XML databases, of which there were too many to recall now, I'm biased of course.

The fact that XML data is so hard to read should have been a clue it can't be good for processors and electric bills either.

It might not have been JSON, but something had to change. And God bless us everyone, it finally did. JSON is so much easier to work with. Shoot, I even migrated an entire database of it with a few standard Linux commands just the other day; no joke.

And because HTML is an instance of XML, HTML is also being called out in this rant. In fact, it's the real target.

See, if HTML is an instance of XML, and XML has clearly shown itself supplanted by JSON, then it would only seem to reason the same should happen to HTML. That's right. You read me. This blog is a call to get this inevitable show on the road - replace HTML with JSON!!!

Sure, I get it. It's without doubt, a huge amount of work. But consider the amount of work required otherwise to maintain HTML in the long run. And how pointless it will be long after XML has been dead, and the nightmares have subsided of those who've had to admin databases of it. It's short term pain for long term gain people! Heck, if sites were in JSON, rather than HTML, command line jockeys like me might not even use any would-be JSON-enabled browsers for most things.

Hopefully, this blog will find its way to someone at the W3C. If any readers have such connections, please pass it on.